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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s called is the foundational concept behind a number of practices, techniques, and strategies that ultimately come together in a way that connects the seekers of website information with publishers of website information. Without getting into all the detail of SEO in this article, instead we will focus on the Top SEO Tools used by SEO practitioners in 2021.

WordPress SEO Tools

Onsite SEO is the first place any website should start with to improve search rankings on Google. You can help Google understand what’s important about your website and influence what Keywords your site will show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It is the only aspect of SEO that you have complete control over.

In order to help Google understand what’s important about your website you have to follow the construction methods that Google will use to determine how to index and rank your website and its various pages.

The 2 best tools to help with onsite SEO are:

Yoast SEO & Rankmath

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