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If you’re looking for help with Search Engine Optimization (SE0) it’s important to find an agency you can trust. It also helps if that agency is not only in your local time zone but in your own back yard. I not only founded the eCommerce Institute but grew up in the Orange County. We are frequently in “C-Bad” visiting military friends stationed in San Diego. 

With multiple young children, Carlsbad has been our favorite destination for fun and we visit Legoland, Sea World and Campland in our RV 2-3 times a year. And with just the adults we love surfing Swammi’s and enjoying a cold one at the Leucadian! Carlsbad is a vibrant community and full of economic opportunity. If you are a business in C-Bad and need advice, help or guidance with your SEO efforts, I’m confident we are the right SEO company for you!

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Craig Hood

SEO Agency Work We Have Done in the Carlsbad Area Recently

The eCommerce Institute (ECI) helped FC Safety in Irvine Ca, in South Orange County (not too far from Carlsbad) one of the largest providers of AEDs to the defense department aerospace industry, build their custom website with contract pricing capabilities and custom user-specific login pages in addition to SEO optimization of their website, email administration, account systems integration and much more.

If you have kids that have grown up in Long Beach they may have been lucky enough to have spent some time at the Valter Pavia Tennis Academy at the Billie Jean Tennis Center. We completely rebuilt Valter’s website, adding the ability to book summer programs, tennis lessons and clinics and we SEO optimized the site to rank for the terms that helped his business bring in more tennis players from Long Beach and surrounding cities. Their camps for kids are the best around and we can’t wait to get our kids back in the next program!

In addition to the tennis academy the eCommerce Institute also helped with the Long Beach Parks and Rec website BJK and Eldorado operators when technical problems prevented the site from operating.

The eCommerce Institute works with Nostrum Inc, a Long Beach based marketing company responsible for a number of the city’s major events marketing and outreach programs, as well as local MD. Dr. Susan Sleep’s Mobile Skin Solutions business operating in Long Beach and surrounding beach cities.

For more than 5 years, we have worked with CM Safety Supply of Long Beach on their SEO, website redesign and PPC advertising. CM Safety Supply is the leading local provider of Hazmat products and has led the way to a number of high-profile coastal oil spill clean up efforts.

How much does SEO cost?

Ok great Craig, but get to the point! How much is SEO going to cost me?

Fine! Let’s skip to the punch line – sorta! You’re going to have both initial costs and ongoing costs to drive an effective SEO campaign. To start, we’re going to need to do Keyword Research and a Competitive Keyword Gap Analysis of your top 3 competitors. In this process, we will discover the “keywords” and search phrases that align with your business based on user “search intent” and relevance. Within that, we will identify the challenge in ranking for top keywords – the ranking potential your business has for specific keywords. We will classify keywords based on user “journey” or where they are in their service or product purchase cycle which could be information gathering, navigational, commercial, or transactional. Using this detail we will craft a plan to implement these keywords into new or existing pages on your website in an initial roll-out phase and ongoing monthly plan. We will incorporate the target keywords, into your website’s navigation, site taxonomy, meta data, image meta, site <h> tags and body content, through out website pages and blog posts.

The Keyword Research phase of the plan typically costs about $2,500 and takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

So we finished the Keyword Research. Now what?

Once we have discovered the keyword targets the next step is to incorporate the keywords into the website in a way that offers the best chance of Google indexing the newly optimized pages and ranking them. In this phase we oftentimes realize that your website is outdated, using old technology and not capable of undergoing the SEO optimization process. This is why we are also specialists in web development. More often than not we need to simultaneously conduct a website rebuild or “refresh” while we are incorporating the new SEO material on the site. Website rebuilds can range in price from $4,500 – $25,000 depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.

When we start the process of creating SEO optimized pages on your website, our goal is to start with one page targeting a specific keyword or collection of similar keyword variations. We will design a page that is both aesthetically pleasing to your potential customers, aimed at converting visitors to customers, and incorporate SEO best practices. 

In budgeting for the initial SEO build-out phase, whether on an existing site or part of a website rebuild, using the cost of $1,000 per page is a good rule-of-thumb. So, if we determine that we need 10 new “category” pages on your site in addition to the homepage, $10,000 is a safe estimate for the initial investment. 

After the website rebuild or SEO page development are we done?

After the first phase, we will add all the keywords that we discovered in the Keyword Research project into our Position Tracking Software. This will allow us to determine what keywords we currently rank for and how our ranking changes over time. This is a specialized software with a monthly expense of about $100.

But now that our site is up with newly optimized pages, we need to continuously add to and enhance the content on the site. We typically suggest adding additional SEO pages, blog posts, how-to-guides, white papers, images, videos, and more on a monthly basis. Over time these pages will all help build your overall “authority” on your topic, help rank better for all keywords and provide the type of content other websites will want to link back to.

The monthly investment in ongoing SEO work will range from $450 to $4,500/month depending on the scope of the SEO project.

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The eCommerce Institute can help you with your next website development project. We specialize in WordPress Websites, WooCommerce eCommerce Websites and Magento eCommerce Websites.