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Need to fix your Google website ranking problems?
backlink audit toxic back links
50% of websites don't rank as well as they could as a result of their back link profile.

Toxic or Spam backlinks to your website could be a major risk to your business.

A healthy link profile starts with a backlink audit
What's included with an eCommerce Institute backlink audit?
What is a backlink audit?

A backlink audit is a comprehensive review of all a website's inbound links from other websites. The review includes the assessment of each linking domain's overall quality, relevance and authority, in conjunction as well as the context, position, and anchor text of the links themselves. The backlink audit aims to determine which links comprising the website's link profile may be considered unnatural, spammy, or paid.

The goal of the backlink audit is to ultimately eliminate any attribution from toxic links while retaining the value from high quality, organically originating backlinks.

How much does a backlink audit cost?

A backlink audit can cost between $2,500 and $10,000. Our backlink audits start at $2,500 and include the evaluation and review of up to 1,600 backlinks and 300 domains. Because the actual number of links that comprise a website's backlink profile varies, the cost to complete a backlink audit may change after the initial link profile is constructed and it is determined how many backlinks and domains will be reviewed. As each link and domain linking to the website will be reviewed, the more links that make up a link profile, the more time it will take to conduct the backlink audit, hence the more the cost to conduct the audit.

How is a backlink audit performed?

A backlink audit is a methodical process requiring the review the links coming from all other websites and the websites generating the links themselves. Additionally, the backlink audit is conducted by an experienced professional, with years of experience in assessing websites, knowledge of website authority, and how to spot patterns and potential link schemes. Each individual website is reviewed and each link from the website reviewed. It is determined whether or not the links and websites occured organically or as part of paid link building program. If the links are determined to be toxic, from low quality websites, or websites that offer paid link placement, the websites and links are classified as toxic and compiled into a list.

What happens after the backlink audit?

After the backlink audit is completed, a list of toxic links is compiled into a specific format required by Google to "disavow" or release any association with the links or websites from where they originate. The file is then uploaded to Google's disavow tool in the Google Search Console.

If unnatural links continue to appear in the website's link profile, it may be necessary to conduct a supplemental backlink audit

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