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SEO Keyword Research is the foundation of any online business strategy

Professional keyword research almost always reveals discoveries that far outweigh the cost of the service.

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What is SEO Keyword Research?

SEO Keyword Research is the process of discovering the most relevant keywords and phrases that potential customers us to search for products and services offered by a business.

This critical process helps align the development of website architecture; including taxonomy creation, onsite SEO optimization, internal link structure, content development and page design, with keywords that offer the best chance of ranking in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and ultimately lead to website visits and conversions.

The process involves first understanding the products and services offered by a company. That initial knowledge then  leads to research into specific keywords that reveal the estimated search volume, competitiveness, and value of a keyword. Several Primary Keywords will be identified in the first phase and be used to find relevant variations. As the list of Keywords becomes narrowed down from hundreds to dozens, the keywords will be tested in SERP to ensure alignment, intent, and non-ambiguity, with the businesses products or services.

What will I Receive from SEO Keyword Research?

At the conclusion of your Keyword Research Project, you will receive a comprehensive report showing detailed information on approximately 100 keywords. Most importantly, you will receive an expert opinion on your TOP 3 Keywords. 

The Top 3 Keywords we discover in the research project will represent your best opportunity for ranking. These Keywords will become the foundation of your website and the corner stone of your future content development efforts, Paid Advertising, Link Building and for your internal Onsite SEO efforts. Ultimately, these keywords will lead to your business’s success.


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What Clients Say About Our Keyword Research

Should have done this in the first place


We really had no idea that we were missing some of the best keywords on our top product categories. Wish we understood this years ago!

Kelly C.

Can't believe what we were missing


The words I thought our customers were searching on google were completely off. We got caught up in what our industry professionals call things and that was so far off of what actual customers were looking for. We're now focused on building content and our rankings for the right keywords. Thank you ECI!

Paul A.