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You've made an excellent decision! We've helped dozens of businesses grow their sales, increase leads, add new customers, solve business challenges, and turn around declining sales. Our business experience extends from 3 decades of online sales and marketing expertise.

Let's understand the different ways we can help your business:

If you are visiting this page, we have already likely discussed how we think we can help you. But these concepts can be complex and difficult to understand. Don't worry! We want you to feel confident in your choice to use us and think of our team as an extension of your own business. We are always available during scheduled or non-scheduled meeting times via, phone, text, email, or chat, to go over anything with you.

Most of our clients start with projects to help their business show up in "Organic Search" and through "Paid Advertising" on Google. Paid or PPC are the companies and ads indicated by the word "Sponsored" in a Search Results Page (SERP).

Below, we outline the basics you need to understand behind SEO and PPC and how we will move forward with your SEO and Advertising Program.

SEO & Google PPC Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is SEO?

You want your business to come up when people search on Google for terms that relate to your products and services. The process of understanding how customers search, recognizing the strategic keywords they search for, and incorporating them into your website using best practices is the process of SEO optimization.

Paid or Pay-Per-Click Google Advertising (PPC). What is PPC?

Google paid advertising uses Google's search system and other partners to display targeted, pinpoint advertising to insure your ads are seen by potential customers. PPC advertising can drive immediate traffic to your business in the form of phone calls, leads, website visitors, downloads, and product sales.

We develop your PPC program with the goal of creating a Return On Investment (ROI) for your business. Our process will target metrics that focus on profitability.

Website Development & Improvement

Website Enhancement

Your website, whether you think of it or not, reflects everything about your business. Your website should convey the services or products you offer, what sets you apart from your competitors, the value you offer potential customers, visual and text elements that establish trust, experience and expertise.

The value offered by your business, how you will solve your customer's problems and how to engage with your business to acquire products or services should be clear. These are just the basics. Additionally, your website should incorporate SEO best practices to give your pages the potential to show up in SERP.

Social Media Marketing (SMM). What is SMM?

Social media boosts business success. Reach your audience, engage in real-time, and build a loyal fan base. Insights into consumer behavior help tailor marketing campaigns. We use social media to increase brand awareness, foster engagement, and develop lasting relationships with customers.

Social media has a role in most businesses and your customers are very likely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube or LinkedIN.