Error When Attempting to Install Demo Content

wordpress error 0 importing demo content

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When setting up a new WordPress website you may encounter a number of potential problems and errors. This can be even more likely when working with themes that feature the ability to import “demo content”. Demo content can be a helpful way of streamlining the development process by using a theme developers pre-made page templates. They may not ultimately suffice as the final page designs but offer a great head start, especially when it comes to more complex pages like product detail pages, shopping carts and checkout pages. The processes involved in importing demo content from within the WordPress dashboard may result in some challenges and errors. Here are several tips that should resolve most errors of this type and get you back to developing your website.

  1. Increase your server settings MAX_INPUT_VARS in the php.ini file. You can also do this from within your cPanel/WHM PHP Multi Editor interface. Change the value to something in the 4,000 to 6,000 range.
  2. Try increasing your POST_MAX_UPLOAD size to something larger. Remember to look for this setting in your cPanel/WHM Tweak Settings interface under Server Configuration and in your MultiPHP INI editor. Tip: make sure the site you are editing uses the PHP version you are modifying. This can be found in the MultiPHP Manager .
  3. If you specifically see the Error <0> message, open up your browser Inspector and view the Console tab. Look for any mixed content HTTPS errors. The easiest way to resolve the mixed content errors is to install Really Simple SSL and activate it. It will enable the mixed content fix by default.

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