Looking for an SEO/PPC Agency?

The eCommerce Institute is located on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County and provides the top SEO and PPC Agency services to companies in Los Angeles and around the US.

Need a backlink audit?

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We have been performing back link audits since 2009. If your website traffic is down, it may be because your backlink profile contains a large number of toxic or spammy backlinks from low quality websites.

Need a Website Refresh?

We specialize in complex eCommerce sites, basic business websites, website migrations, mobile optimized websites, SEO optimized websites, from Magento to WooCommerce and Shopify, along with Social Media setup, Digital Marketing, PPC, and a whole lot more.

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Looking for a Website Developer?

We offer full-stak development services and have experience and have recently completed 7-figure development projects in Magento 2, for large national eCommerce brands. We also offer website development services for small to medium size enterprises, start-ups and fortune 500 companies.

Expert eCommerce Consulting

Pioneering eCommerce Since 1996

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We provide on-point technical research to help guide business decisions for PE groups, Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Teams and Business Owners.

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We offer experience-based, knowledgeable eCommerce consulting services to help develop and execute strategic plans to help your business grow.

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Outsource the Operation of your eCommerce, online marketing, SEO and technical development efforts to experienced eCommerce professionals.

A La Carte Services

Expert Online Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Plans that Perform

The eCommerce Institute can develop your key marketing strategy based on the identification and engagement of your target markets, understanding your market influencers and decision makers, development of customer personas and how to bring it all together with social media, online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and content development.

Development Spotlight - eCommerce Institute Mega Menus

“Mega Menus”, as they are called, can improve visitor engagement by as much as 50% over conventional navigation menus. The reason is simple. They are visually appealing, dynamic and efficient. Mega Menu’s allow you to put your most valuable content forward. They allow visitors to see products, navigation, promotions and content without even clicking. By simply hovering over a link, the Mega Menu appears with visual content to help engage visitors quickly.

Here are just a few examples of Mega Menus designed for eCommerce Institute clients. 

Expertly Crafted Websites to Help Your Business Shine

Re-Theme Your Existing Website to Improve SEO, CRO and Customer Experience

A fast performing website is not just important from a user experience standpoint but for the best possible SEO results. Google considers page-load speed as part of the ranking signals in its algorithms. Equally important is your website’s mobile design. Since as early as 2018, Google has begun to use “Mobile First” Indexing, making the optimization of the mobile responsive version of a website more important than ever.

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Co-Working Space
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Data-driven analysis

Analytics that Lead to Great Decisions

Without good analytics, or an understanding of how to apply analytics data, your business is flying blind. The basis of sound strategy stems from good data. The eCommerce Institute can help produce valuable insights from analytics data gathered from your website, industry competitors, sales detail, and more.

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