Ultimate Guide to a Blazing Fast WooCommerce Shop

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A faster WooCommerce website is possible but you might be surprised by what it takes.

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The topic of wc performance is something we get asked about often. If you are asking the question, “How can I make WooCommerce faster”, you are not alone. In fact, it is one of the most common WooCommerce related searches on Google. 

Ultimate Guide to a Blazing Fast WooCommerce Shop
If you have already done some research on the topic of improving WooCommerce performance, you may have heard some of the most common suggestions getting faster performance from WooCommerce. We will get to those later, but let’s start with the “punch line”, so to speak. 

The biggest thing you can do to achieve a meaningful improvement and make WooCommerce faster is through *hardware*. You can optimize WooCommerce settings t’ll the cows come home but that will only get you so far.  Eventually, you will learn that there are 5 key secrets to the hardware needed to run a fast WooCommerce site.

  1. Cloud hosting and big WooCommerce shops are not simpatico
  2. Shared VPS hosting still does not provide the horsepower needed to run a fast WooCommerce site
  3. Multiple Core CPU Dedicated servers are the way to go
  4. Processor speeds only need to be above 2.5GHz and RAM should be at least 32GB.
  5. The Fifth, final and most valuable tip for the best hardware configuration for a blazing fast WooCommerce stack is Solid State Hard Drives or SSDs.

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